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A Peek Inside the Home Studio

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Curious about the home studio? I would be too if I had never been here. You're coming into someone's home for a biofield tuning session, your head could be full of questions. Are there pets? Will it be clean? Can I use the bathroom? Will it be weird? Is anyone else there? I'm here to answer these questions for you!

About the House

A grey home with large windows and a deck in the winter snow
View of our home from the road - Winter 2022

The SimplySound.Life home studio is located in Aitkin, Minnesota. We (my husband and I) just had this home built and we moved in, in 2022. We are tucked away in the woods among the mighty oak trees. We just had our sidewalks and cement apron put in in 2023, which makes parking and getting to the front door easy. Feel free to park right on the cement apron in front of the garage. We saved a spot for you! Walk on up to the red front door, ring the bell and I'll warmly welcome you in.

A red door on a grey house with stairs and a porch light
The red 'front' door faces north and is always well lit

Inside and Pets

The home is well lit, clean and welcoming when you come in. We currently do not have any pets, we get lots of time with the neighbor's pets to get our doggie fix in though! We have a spot by the front door where you can leave your shoes, and I'll gladly hang your coat in the closet.


Yes, this location DOES have stairs. The entry to the front door has stairs, and the studio is located on the second floor, also upstairs. We do have hand rails for both. If you're unable to climb stairs, please consider scheduling either a Virtual Biofield Tuning Session or a Personal Recorded Session.


The Bathroom

The bathroom is clean and well lit. As consciously healthy people, we only use homemade hand soap (made by me) that uses Dr. Bronner's unscented castile hemp oil soap, and essential oils. As I write this, the current flavor is basil and lemon and it smells absolutely divine. Feel free to use the restroom anytime. I'll always offer before and after your session.

Is Anyone Else There?

My husband and I both are blessed to be able to work from home. When clients come to the home studio, my husband gives us privacy and shifts from his office next to the studio to his office in the basement. He's very quiet and respects our space. You could come here for months and likely never even see him or even know he is here! Other than him, there shouldn't be anyone else present at the home studio location during your time here.

The Home Studio

The SimplySound.Life home studio is a calm and inviting space. A place where you can simply relax, breathe, and take some time for yourself. It holds you, so that you can have a safe, peaceful container to focus on your experience here. A safe space. Little details are in place in order to create this welcoming environment. There are salt lamps, crystals, and warm low lighting. There may be a hint of lavender or nag chompa in the air. The sheets are fresh, changed between each client. The space is cleansed between each session. This is your place to relax and to work on YOU. This space is for you.

Additional Questions

I hope that this preview of the SimplySound.Life home studio helps to give you some peace of mind and some comfort in knowing what to expect. If you have any special requests, have additional questions, or just need a little more clarity, feel free to reach out to me! My email is . I look forward to seeing you, you can book your personal session by clicking the button below.

- Jenn

I welcome your comments below 💛

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